Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rest in Peace Barry Jackson

Today the Whoverse lost one of it's own. Barry Jackson who shared the screen opposite the 1st Doctor in "The Romans" and "Galaxy 4" serials, and the 4th Doctor in "The Armageddon Factor" passed away today. Though plying his trade on numerous shows Barry is perhaps best known for his portrayal of another Doctor, Doctor George Bullard on Midsomer Murders. Appearing in over 75 episodes he was a linchpin of the series since the pilot and the death of the Rainbirds. Staying on for a mere four episodes after the Barnaby switch he was missed on the show more then I could imagine until today. Join me in a toast to a consummate actor who knew how to deliver one line to such perfection that he would steal the whole episode. To Barry!


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