Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sartorial Sundays

So now that I have the proto-costume, ie, pieces but not as they will appear in the finished work, it's time to get going, right?

If you've forgotten, this here is the shirt I bought, all nice and creamy with it's inappropriate collar. Now, time for some fun!

Seam ripping can be one of the most fun or frustrating things out there. Firstly, I always lose my seam rippers. In my life I can not count how many I have lost. This was "logically" next to the PS3 remote... I know! I thought it would be either in my sewing box or somehow it had migrated to my mom's, but no, it was watching tv. What was interesting about this shirt, once I started deconstructing the collar, was that it had two seams I had to rip, where I thought there would be one. First, the collar was sew to the inside lip of the interior collar and then it was sewn shut... so more seam ripping for me! The exterior one went well, the interior went well and fast, but made a mess. That's the worst part, all the little bits of thread everywhere, that's why I try to pull and pluck it through as much as possible.

So here's the collar as I want it! Yeah! But I need to now sew it up nice and neat and make it look classy. Luckily I had the right color thread at home so I didn't have to go to the fabric store. It was also already threaded in my sewing machine, which I of course didn't look at at first, pulled it out, went, shit, and re-threaded the machine. Cause that's how I do things!

Took all of five seconds to sew it and viola, new Victorian shirt.

Here is a close up because, I'm quite proud that I didn't mess it up. look at those neat stitches yo!

Now the skirt, seen here in all it's glory!

Now to the problem of the skirt. Here is the torn section... an easy fix. I being lazy and not wanting to bust out the sewing machine for this one just whipped that wound closed by hand.

And viola... was there ever a hole? No, there wasn't, and you better remember that!


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