Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sartorial Sundays

Sourcing this years clothes was a lot of fun, but also very frustrating. For the longest time I couldn't find any clothes I liked, costumewise or not! I wanted to find clothes that could be easily altered to get my end result, but I didn't want to do too much work or have it cost too much money. So to bargain stores I went!

I found this lovely little peachy/cream blouse at Burlington Coat Factory for a song. It was the right color, fabric and fit. Only problem is, that collar... Emma Timmins would not approve. But as I carefully noticed, the collar under the wingy bits as I shall now call them... you know, that part men added to their shirts over a simple "Gatsby Collar" even if they where around long before Gatsby... anyway, I diverge. It was just the right Emma Timmins roundness with a Victorian peasant look, so perfect for altering. Also, all along seams, so perfect for ripping!

I wanted a gauzy white ruffly underskirt and this one I found for only a few dollars (literally) and it was a perfect fit as well as nice and ruffly. I got it so cheap because there was a tear, which you might be able to see, but it was on a seam, so easy fix! The whiteness might be an issue, so I shall try tea dyeing for the first time in my life... or second, I helped my mom years ago, I think. But, yes, tea dyeing.

As you can see, tea dying is needed, they are just too far apart in color.

Now, for the final underlying piece of clothing, ie, the over skirt, I wanted something that would show the underskirt, a bit, and have a more modern Steampunky edge, but with bustle like elements. Also it had to be in the "brown" family. So, I was looking online and didn't find anything I liked and one day I got The Pyramid Collections catalog, and there near the back was this skirt. I instantly thought, awesome. Because it was about knee length, brown, and made of jersey knit, so soft and comfy. I was sold! So, the final piece that won't need modding at all!


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