Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sartorial Sundays

This years inspiration was a more Victorian urchin/lower classes look. While I had reveled in last year's explorer, I actually wanted something, dare I say, more girly? Again, not being one for a corset, though I promise, I will one day try, I started looking at people who might not have the nice corsets, mainly, the working class or field laborers. This actually was one of the reasons I decided to re-watch all of Lark Rise to Candleford. Not that I needed an excuse, but it is fun watching a show and claiming it's "research." Also, I thought it would be fun to bring back some of my other skill sets for this year, aka, knitting!

Here is Emma Timmins. What I love about her look is the blouse, minus the stiff collar and the earthy cream color of it with the voluminous skirts.

Here is what I have always wanted when watching period dramas! Until recently I always referred to it as the knitted wrappy thingy that farm women wear. Yeah, as you can tell, real technical. So after about an hour online once I decided I wanted to make one, I found out it's called a Sontag. It's basically a shawl that is designed to wrap around the body and then connect. The one pictured here is the pattern I plan on using. So here's hoping it doesn't take too long. But of course, I must establish my color palette before going yarn shopping, and here's hoping I might have something in the house that will work... I do have a yarn hording habit...

Now this right here is THE DRESS that always makes me associate Lark Rise with Steampunk. How much more Steampunk could Dorcas's outfit be? While, yes, in a magical ideal world, this right her would be my costume, what I am taking to use is what I call the "cloth gauntlets." Women who where working and doing menial chores, like cleaning out fireplaces, would wear these so that they wouldn't get their shirts dirty. While here it is more fashion versus function, I felt that I would incorporate that into my look.

Yet, of course, I would go knitted, same yarn as the Sontag, with a little Steampunky design.

Finally for the skirt, I wanted something a little more modern, a little more space agey, but could still be mistaken for Victorian in the right setting, so an over skirt similar in style to this one.

While, I was originally thinking a split layering, the over skirt above wouldn't work so well, but I do want the layering with a lacier underskirt, preferably tea-stained, and the over skirt a little shorter, so as to see the two layers clearly.

Next week, some sketches! Or, really, as soon as I get them up because I am two weeks behind on this post (sorry, sorry, my computer crashed and got a nasty virus and I got a new OS and had to basically rebuild my computer, but now it has more RAM, not so exciting to you, very exciting to me, and I don't have a scanner attached now and I don't have the drivers updated for my Wacom yet... chaos did ensue.)


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