Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sartorial Sundays

So, after all that work, what would I do differently? Personally, I don't think there's much sartorially speaking that I would change, except one aesthetic and one practical. Esthetically I would pimp my glasses. You can get so many clip on lenses and gadgets and seeing as I have to wear my glasses to see and contacts are right out (the idea of something touching my eyeball freaks me out beyond belief, and I can read without glasses, so that a plus) it would up my game. But pimping my glasses would have been fun, and believe me I will be doing it this year!

The other issue was that of comfort and my goggles. So, sometime during the second day of the convention I noticed I had this horrid headache right along the crown of my head. I didn't think much of it. Headaches come with being in loud environments with tons of people. So, again, I didn't think much about it till I started to rub my head. There was a dent in my head. At this point I was not calm, I was a little freaked out, there was an unexplained dent in my head. After more investigation, there was a second dent in my head, both somewhat semicircular. It was the goggles! Once I figured out what it was every time I slide them into place on my head I could feel them boring into my skull. I asked my friend Janice if she had the same problem, to which she said a resounding yes. The last day of the con we where carrying our goggles, our heads couldn't take it anymore.

So how would I fix this goggle problem? Well, I could pad them... but I think the more logical way is to have them around your neck or as part of a hat. Because the hat takes the indents, not your head! In fact, there was a little Steampunk event I went to back in February at the Children's Museum in town and I bought myself a black costume bowler hat... not bowlery enough for me, but it would do, and I placed my goggles on it. Sure enough, no pain for me, but it even left dents on the hat! Those are some nasty goggles...

Next week I'll start the discussion of this years Teslacon costume... there might even be more than one made! So costumes perchance!


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