Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sartorial Sundays

So, after weeks of teasing you, now the final reveal! I personally think it turned out pretty decent. I mean, when I saw other costumes I was in awe, but then I know my limitations. It was very comfortable, everything was easily accessible, and I didn't have a panic attack cause I was wearing a corset... that being my main concern if I where to wear a corset, what with my panic issues.

Here is my "passport" photo. Because, obviously, a ship that goes around the world needs you to have a passport... I of course couldn't resist the opportunity to "grunge" up the picture. If I'm an explorer, my passport must be used a lot after all...

Here you can see my full costume and the glories of a sunset over the pyramids. They had a cool green screen room and by golly, I was going to have a picture with me and pyramids! I wish they had told me to look left not right, because you can't see my alt kit very well, but then I'm sure the camels would have gotten mad. Also, as you can see, the alt kit tended to loosen up through the day of sitting and walking, so it needed tightening every once in awhile. This being right after the final event I was going to that evening I didn't bother to cinch it up and I wish I had...

A closer shot, which doesn't show off my belt too well, and again, I wish I had cinched that alt kit. But you can kind of see the jewelry, which I like. This year I should have tons better images because my friend Moxie is coming along and she said she'll be my personal photographer, as I will be for her, so I'll have far better pictures later this year!

Here is me and the lovely Gail Carriger. Sorry it is slightly out of focus, the people behind me just didn't understand how to use my camera no matter how many times I showed them... you can really see the awesome detail of the rivets on the jacket here. Also, my goofy gap teeth. Also, isn't Gail's outfit just lovely. Now that woman knows how to wear a corset!

Final picture, not that you can really see me, but I got this off the official photographer's site and if you look closely, there's me sitting in the back of the section on the aisle examining my tickets for the mummy unwrapping... at least I hope it's my tickets and no one caught me playing with my phone. In the very front row is Gail Carriger, Paul Magrs and George Mann... so, proof exists that I hung with them, even if we didn't get a picture at the time I at least have proof of being in the same room!

Next week... what would I have done differently given the chance?


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