Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sartorial Sundays

As soon as I set to sourcing the outfit, my mind wandered over what I needed: coat, pants, shirt, shoes and accessories. Seeing as I thought, if I didn't get the right coat, the whole costume could fall apart, my first goal was the coat. There's one place that screams coats, that's Burlington Coat Factory... a plethora of coats, almost more than you could fathom, all at really really cheap prices.

Almost right away I stumbled on this beauty. Not only does it look like an old bomber jacket, and is comfy as all get out, but I love the circular rivets that run parallel to the zipper. Those little rivets add a little bit extra to the Steampunk look I was going for. Total for the coat: $42. And, as you should all know, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. It certainly was my answer for the con.

For this shirt I actually looked to my own wardrobe. At first I wanted more of a silk button up shirt in white with a vintage 40s cut, but soon came to realize that it was going to be hard to find, and secondly, I've never looked good in white, so why was I trying to force it. Therefore I quickly resorted to just a plain t-shirt. This brown one I got years and years ago at the J Crew factory store, and it had seen better days. There's quite a big hole on the lower seam which I should fix, but, whatever, for this it would be perfect. Even better, it exactly matched the jacket! Serendipitous indeed! Yet, I didn't want a giant moth on my chest, so viola....

I turned it inside out. You really couldn't see the bleed through once I was wearing it and the jacket, like you can in the picture. But having it inside out also gave me lots of grungy seams, which scream Steampunk to me.

For the pants I went to JC Penny's (this is before the ill advised JCP switchover). I had recently bought two nice pairs of dress slacks for some job interviews, and I knew they had them in lighter colors as well. So Worthington business stretch pants it was going to be. Sadly they were no longer on sale like they had been back in July. But still, $40 for a really great pair of dress pants that will also double for a convention, fabulous! Also, really really comfy! Yet lacking good pockets... to that in a minute.

For my boots I went to DSW. They really have everything at DSW, except finding my size is really hard. Ok, won't lie, I have big feet. I wear a size 10-11 in women's shoes. Yep, that's up there. The problem with shopping at any shoe store is that usually they only get in one pair of the larger sizes, so if you don't get there right away, they just won't have your size. I lucked out beyond measure the day I went! Not only do these shoes fit like a dream, quite literally being the most comfortable boats I have EVER owed, they are brown faux suede, that compliments the jacket, but the buckle is the same bronzey color of the studs on the jacket! Heaven forbid I didn't have matching metals! The boots where a little pricey at $70, but totally worth it due to my love of them.

I came quickly to the realization that I needed pockets and accessories. I hoped to accomplish both in one. I could Steampunk up my outfit with some sort of bag/pockets combination and have the functionality of full storage on my person. My friend Aaron said that he really has to do this for this coming years con because it's so logical and cool. I bought all my accessories at Ravenworks, which does all kids of costumes for all occasions. The first thing I looked at was this awesome belt. It's really really long and was just the right size and I got to have the funny of tying it (which I actually had to look up how to do online...)

But the piece de resistance was this alt kit. The belt goes through it and then it straps down your leg. Ok, it's a little inconvenient when needing to go to the bathroom, but not more than a corset! Also it had three lovely pockets, the middle and bottom one being my favorite because of the wonderful clasps. The bottom one is my real favorite though because you have to push it in and turn, so it's like a lock clasp, so cool!

Goggles where the final touch, and they had these at Ravenworks as well, and they looked far better than any I had seen online without having to mod or pimp them out. All told, my accessories cost $80... which, considering everything else was dual purpose accept these items, made this really my final outlay, cost wise.

There was ONE thing I didn't anticipate though... clocks. At the hotel where the con was held there where NO CLOCKS! Like, anywhere! Taking out my iphone felt a little ridiculous, I mean, if it looked like a Farnsworth, that's one thing, but no, it looked distinctly "iphone." Also, it was in one of my pouches down my leg, so, a hassle for a quick look. So at the con this was one of my three purchases, my three purchases being a Lord Bobbins commemorative pin, a book by George Mann and Paul Magrs, and this lovely pocket watch. I fell in love with it. NOT just because I needed it, but I wanted it. So pretty and keeping time and pocket watchy! Adore! Also, I had saved money aside to spend at the con and only bought three things, so the watch was my splurge, though it only cost the same as my pants.

Yet, there was something still needed I felt to pull it all together... next week, the illusive unifying object.


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