Thursday, March 18, 2010

In My Mailbox!

Ok, so yes, you're probably all beyond jealous that this just showed up in my mailbox. Yes I'm going to go read it immediately and forsake all others, all homework, laundry and food... well, maybe not the laundry and the food... there comes a point... But I just had to do a little happy dance and a little gloat for those who would understand how awesome this is seeing as I'm sure you all have March 30th circled in red on your calenders. But you too could own it now and not later! How you ask? Well... I did already spill the beans to a few of my other blogger buddies, but turns out Barnes & Noble is shipping NOW! Yes, now! This second! It could be on it's way to you and you, like me, could be having some Alexa Tarabotti fun this weekend, versus having a social life. But what's spring in Wisconsin without the forecasted 5" of snow after a near 70 degree day? Well... what are you waiting for? Go Buy!


Oooh I'm so jealous! Lucky you :-) Good reading and don't starve yourself, prepare some fast snacks to be near, so you won't have to leave off reading for long time ;-)

I have crackers with cheese spread on standby!

OOOH..I have to read the first book, but I keep hearing such fab things about it. Have fun reading the book!!

Sooooooo jealous! Enjoy it twice as much for me!

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