Friday, March 19, 2010

Fire Up the Quatro

Gene Genie will return April 2nd! The press release has been pressed and set free into the wilds of the interweb! After last seasons cliffhanger I've been waiting with baited breath. Will all really be revealed about Gene? How are Alex, Gene and Sam connected? Will Sam make an appearance? Or even Annie? Gah! It's so hard waiting and to think of the eight weeks as this unfolds... sheer excitement is the only thing to be said! As it says on Philip's website: "It's time to get into the Eighties mood for the very last time because the award-winning BBC One drama, Ashes to Ashes, is back for Spring 2010. The highly-anticipated finale sees Philip and Keeley Hawes reprise their roles as that most un-PC of policeman, DCI Gene Hunt, and his sassy partner DI Alex Drake, along with Dean Andrews as DI Ray Carling, Marshall Lancaster as DC Chris Skelton and Montserrat Lombard as WPC Sharon 'Shaz' Granger."

To tide you over for the next two weeks, Sport Relief did a little golf parody video. While it's not as magnificent as a new episode, or even 2008's stupendous Top Gear cross over, and the Tiger Woods joke is unfortunate (see, this is what happens when public opinion can change in an instant), Gene Hunt golfing is a site worth seeing.

And as for 2008's excellence:


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