Monday, February 1, 2010

Winner Announced!

Well, I hope all you lovely people won't be seeing shades of red when the winner is announced for Shades of Grey. I hope you'll all join me in wishing the randomly generated individual joy and happiness with their new book. Also... as you well know, there is always a new giveaway right around the corner (that would be tomorrow AND Wednesday, yes, there are two new giveaways on the horizon)! New authors and new places to visit! Books are so wonderful, and with Fforde, you get books within books, for that much more bookishness! So lets go into the world of Jasper Fforde. Thursday Next kind of kicked everyones proverbial asses in the favorite character category. But props have to be given to Jack Spratt and Miss Havisham, with a special plock reserved just for Pickwick, plus, we must not forget the funniest character name ever, Jack Schitt, whose brother is Schitt Haus. Now on to the winner! They might be going to East Carmine and not Swindon, but whichwaydidshego is sure to enjoy the journey! That's right Michelle, you won! I don't think I know a more Ffordian crazy person out there (that's a complement by the way).

Also, I have to say I received a lovely bribe for this competition, resulting in a few extra entries for said person... aren't they adorable! Cure pictures of fluffy kittens are ALWAYS the way to go!

Now this little one, very cute, but I'm sorry, the tuxedo kitty wins for sheer adorableness!


Congratulations. I am just green here !


You're killing me with posting the pictures! Hilarious! I just emailed you my crazy joy - I'm so psyched! I seriously can't believe I won this particular contest - I mean, as you said, Fforde-crazy, me.

Mystica, that's funny - & thanks!

congrats to Michelle!
Im going to have to rely on birthday wishes for this book;-)

congrats to Michele and I'm a little green. Guess I'm going shopping ;-)

very cute kitties except now I want another one and my cats don't share me well

Yes, cats don't like to share their humans with others. My cat didn't even like to share me with books!

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