Saturday, February 6, 2010

Emma Spotlight: Laura Pyper

And as for the lady almost compromised and who will eventually marry a psychopath (how else can you really describe Frank Churchill?) I bring to you...

Name: Laura Pyper

First Impression: Hex, as Ella Dee, the girl who saved the show and made it awesome, and then they go and cancel it on us!

Lasting Impression: Hex! Really, this show was atrociously bad and I really wanted to like and once she took over I can honestly say I did!

What else you've seen them in: Bit roles here and there, a cameo on The IT Crowd, a run on Silent Witness, an episode of Demons, a one off on Spooks and finally a bigger role in Emma.

Can't believe it's them: In Emma I did not recognize her! No, honestly, I sat there for the longest time going, I know her... but I couldn't place her. Still can't believe it's her! So funny though that she's costarring with the woman she killed on Hex, aka Christina 'Cassie' Cole.

Wish they hadn't: Demons... the show that everyone involved wishes they could wipe off their permanent records. Sorry folks, with the Internet, bad shows will live forever!

Bio: A surprisingly effective actress who, you'd think on first looking at her, would be meek and not all there. But she's got the Buffy vibe, she could kick some serious ass.


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