Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Technology Turns Against You

This week technology has had it in for me. From font corruption issues to modem and printer issues. Everything seems out to get me and making each successive thing to go wrong more likely to be first in line for a lovely pyre I'm planning for later. It's really cold after all, so it has a dual purpose... don't say I'm illogical. Anyway, here's just one of my issues. I have a Kindle, I love my Kindle, I hope it feels the same... but we just had our first fight. I love the search book function, so what should happen, but I'm reading a book and the function doesn't work. I think, this is odd, but it being a book I just downloaded, I thought that might be the reason. I checked another book... same problem. Ok, now I'm getting worried and pissed. So what do I do? I go to the manual. The lovely manual that is on my Kindle and that has all the answers. The search function doesn't work there either. So not only does my Kindle have a problem with it's indexing, but the only place where I can look for how to fix this can't be accessed because of the problem! I'm not going to read all the manual, all hundred some pages, when I'm sure the answer might not be in there. Anyway, after much swearing and some crying I turned to the web... dissolve to an hour later. I think I figured out that I just need to use the overall search function to look for indexed books and then index those that aren't indexed, ie, every book except two. So now it's doing it's merry indexing thing... hopefully this will work... hopefully... but amazon, do you think that maybe you could have some better support forums if you manual is on the machine that's malfunctioning. Crossing fingers it will all be well... I'm thinking my iPod will probably die later, that's the type of day I'm having.


ooh, i've had those days before. i feel bad for you, they are the worst!! lol.

Oh dear, that does sounds frustrating! My computer totally fired itself the other day, and then the charger to my lap top died too...ugh these electronics like to gang up on us. Hope all is well soon :)

Luckily everything seems to be a ok, right now :) Nothing beats the printer/scanner/computer death combo I had a year ago. That was annoying and expensive.

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