Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Desert Sands Month - To the Valley of the Kings!

Right about now, yes, right now, at precisely this hour and minute every year, winter becomes, not so much fun, as, unbearable. All the really great holidays and presents have passed leaving us with lots of snow and slush without the pretty lights and garlands hung to distract us. Plus, don't forget, vacation is over and school does exist once more. We only have Valentines, and for the single surrounded by smug couples, it's not a holiday worth embracing. So I figured, lets escape! Let's find a nice warm place to read ourselves into and just live there all February and pretend the snow and sleet don't exist on the lovely desert plain. That's right, to Egypt we will go! I have always been fascinated by Egypt. The history stretching out thousands of years before Christ. Plus, what's not to love about a culture that openly worships cats!?! Pyramids, Peabodys, Parasols... what's wrong with that. So for this month, only books that have some, if not most, of their story set in Egypt will be reviewed. I'd also love to hear what your favorite Egyptian getaways are... are you also an Amelia Peabody girl? Or perhaps Theodosia Throckmorton is more your style? So sit back on the Dahabeeyah, grab your parasol and relax... but of course it's not a true vacation without that little remembrance, that special book you picked up to treasure always... found at a mysterious stall, secreted away in a back ally, which you couldn't find again if you tried... which leads me to my giveaway.


The Prize:

An ARC of R. L. LaFever's most recent entry in the Theodosia Throckmorton cannon: Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus, not available till APRIL 12th, 2010! So be the envy of all your Egyptologically inclined friends and enter to win! PLUS a Carnelian Scarab Necklace... you will need some protection if you're venturing into the unknowns of Egyptian Mysticism.

The Rules:
1. Open to Followers, but just because you haven't been following me all along doesn't mean you don't matter, just hit that handy little follow button and you are good to go.
2. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if your name is drawn, either your blogger profile or a link to your website/blog or you could even include your email address with your comment(s).
3. Contest ends February 28th, 2010 at 11:59PM CST
4. How to enter:

Answer me this: Do you believe that mummies are cursed?

5. And for those addicted to getting extra entries:

  • +1 for answering the question above
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  • +10 for each time you advertise this contest - blog post, sidebar, twitter (please @MzLizard), etc. (but you only get credit for the first post, so tweet all you like, and I thank you for it, but you'll only get the +10 once). Also please leave a link!


OOh! Enter me in this! The book looks fabulous, and that necklace is beautiful!
+1 As for the question, the answer is yes - I do believe that SOME mummies have been cursed. Or rather, will put a curse on you if you unearth them.
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This looks like great fun!
+1 I don't believe that real mummies are cursed, but I like the device in movies and books, so I'm willing to go with it in fiction.
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+1 No, I don't think they're cursed, but it's possible that their tombs are.
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I don't know anything about this book or any of the characters you mentioned, but it really looks fun! Thing is, I've got Gaiman on the brain thanks to you, so that's mostly what my month will hold! That and maybe the Rory selection. (Must say that as a moderator... but also it's the only book that won this year for which I actually voted!)

By the way, no cute fluffy kitten incentive?? :D

I think this month it would have to be regal egyptian cat incentive... just to be thematically correct!

I'd love to enter the contest!! The book looks awesome and the necklace is beautiful!!

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+1 Why, yes. I do believe mummies are cursed. :)
I'm so excited to enter this-I absolutely love this series!

Of course I believe mummies are cursed, or perhaps their tombs are cursed. Your dad told me they were! Remember when he told us about that expedition where all the men involved had died within a certain number of years, except one--was it Mr. Gard, or Mr. Gromme, I don't remember off the top of my head. oh, how I miss his stories. He should write them down!

+1 - No I don't believe mummies are cursed.
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It was the artist Owen Gromme, he worked on the excavation of Tut's Tomb for the Milwaukee Public Museum. There are a lot of weird coincidences with that one... of course now that I'm older and have done some research it was probably the fetid air in the tomb. Doesn't mean I don't still love scary Mummy stories!

I totally believe that mummies are cursed. They've always creeped me out.

+5 I'm a follower

Is this worldwide?

But of course! Limiting it is boring. What if for some felicitous region someone from Egypt won! All my giveaways are worldwide, previous winners have been from Canada and Spain!

Count me in please!

+1 No, I don't believe mummies are cursed

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throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Its the desecration of the mummy that brings about the curse I think. + 1

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Thank you for offering this book. Much appreciated.


Oh, thanks!

Answer: No, I don't think so, but you never know.

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+1- I believe that mummies aren't cursed unless you make them mad- eg. steal their stuff, destroy their tomb...

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My creative-blog is

+1 As in really cursed? Nah...not really. But I LOVE the Theodosia books. They're gorgeous, AND good reads.
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I dont know if this is international, but i will try anyway! LOL.

I think that some mummies are cursed and that if you open up the 'casket' the evil stuff will happen to you. Creepy huh! Okay, now for real, no i don't think they are cursed, but I have to say I am afraid to say this out loud. You never know.
I am a follower and am International. :)

Always international! I'd never stop your chance of winning just because you're overseas. Plus, it's always a little thrilling filling out international postal orders.

+1 comment-I believe mummies are cursed, but only when people disturb them. Then, they just get mad for being woken up and the sun blinding their eyes! ;D
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Thanks for the giveaway!

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