Sunday, April 1, 2018

Regency Magic

Ever since I first did Regency Magic three years ago I have been determined to keep it going as long as I could. The problem is that, in my mind, not enough people are writing in this very niche genre, so authors, get on that won't you? Therefore I had to take a hiatus last year... a dark time in which I was hunting, searching, begging people for suggestions. I actually was harassing people on twitter for some recommendations, that's how low I sank. I even did an article for RogueCart talking about my love of this genre hoping against hope that someone would give me some more suggestions. Some leads panned out, some didn't, I was even keeping my fingers crossed that authors previously featured would release the next book in their series, but in the end fate intervened. I'm sure almost everyone knows about V.E. Schwab's Shades of Magic series, the bestsellers lists don't lie. I though was not one of those people. So how DID I finally learn about this series? In my book club instead of spending the majority of our meetings arguing about what the next book should be, and yes, this is something my mom's book club did the few times I went and it drove me crazy, we are more enlightened, we leave it up to fate. Every member writes down on a piece of paper the book they want to read and we throw it in a hat and a book is randomly drawn. Last spring while I was hoping my choice of Sense and Sensibility would be picked instead we got the rogue element of fate doubled in that what was pulled out of the hat was "Current Bestseller" on which list I can't remember, but it was the final book in V.E. Schwab's series, A Conjuring of Light.

Seeing as whose choice this was isn't a masochist, he let us do the first not the last in the series, and thus I started to read A Darker Shade of Magic. I rarely read blurbs for books I'm reading for book club, because I just know I'll read them. But about five minutes into A Darker Shade of Magic I was posting on our Facebook page that I was beyond excited because little did we know that we had picked a book that was Regency Magic! And in that moment I had hope, as well as a lot of joyful shouts and maniacal laughter that my friends would be introduced to this genre. But my hopefulness was not just of bringing back Regency Magic to my blog but that maybe, just maybe, I'd find more books. As it turned out I did! I found tons of new books, though the two month extravaganza will wait for next year, this year it's just for April and it's just three authors, one of which, Heather Rose Jones, has been featured before because she added another book to her series as I had hoped for, see above! As for my new authors, obviously there's V.E. Schwab, but also the lovely Kelly Jones whose book Murder, Magic, and What We Wore debuted last fall and is a delightful addition to this genre. I hope you are as excited as I am to dive back into Regency Magic. I can't wait for all the delicious reading I have ahead as I continue to read the books for this month and start on the books for next year!  


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