Saturday, October 1, 2016

Gaiman Gala

Last fall as I was rereading American Gods in anticipation of my first visit to House on the Rock since I last went right out of high school I thought once again how much I associate this time of year with the works of Neil Gaiman. He is among a handful of authors, including Shirley Jackson and Stephen King, who I think are mandatory reading for October. I had once or twice in the past toyed with the idea of doing an October theme month dedicated to this great author but I never seemed to get around to it. With all the hype surrounding American Gods finally becoming a television show, helmed by that genius of televisual geniuses, Bryan Fuller, now seemed the precise time when a celebration was in order. But not your typical celebration, instead a true gala. Gone are the expected reviews and star ratings, in their place are going to be remembrances and toasts! I, along with my friends, are going to raise a glass to that most unique of authors and I hope you will join us. Here's to Neil Gaiman! Hip hip hooray let's dance the Macabray!


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