Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Q&A

As Magrs Month draws to a close, we take this time to highlight what is truly important in life. Pandas and cats. We also thank Paul for all of his time, but mainly, it's just about the Pandas and cats.

Animals with tuxedo coloration are the best, true or false?

Panda’s and special little cats and tapir – of course!

Question: As someone who skirts the campy macabre, was naming your cat Fester, by chance, an homage to Charles Addams, and if so, how awesome is Charles Addams?

Answer: Wonderful. I’ve always had an extremely soft spot for his work. And others who’ve ploughed that same macabre, monochrome furrow – cartoonists and writers like Edward Gorey and my sometime collaborator, Bret Herholz.

Question: Ungow?

Answer: Something Fester says. He’s an extremely vocal, older cat. He can also shout my name – no messing. If I’m working somewhere in the house or garden, he will come looking for me. He’ll actually shout: ‘Paaaaa-oowwww-llllll!!’ Until he finds me. Then he jumps onto the desk or my lap and sits there, concentrating with me on whatever I’m writing or reading. He’s an amazing cat. He came to us as a stray. He adopted us six years ago and he’s a marvel.

Once during the CBS nightly news Bob Schieffer declared that “Everybody Loves Pandas.” Would you agree with this statement?

I would. Though Panda himself can be circumspect about others of his ilk. Those who don’t wear silk cravats, have a penchant for film noir, contemporary classical music or the novels of Ngaio Marsh.

What inspired your Panda?

Answer: I’m not sure. He came into our lives quite a while before he wandered into the adventures of Iris Wildthyme. He likes to be involved in what’s going on. What he really likes – as an Art Critic – is having his photo taken, in locations all over the world, standing in front of all sorts of artworks – famous or otherwise. My partner Jeremy has got quite an amazing collection of photos of Panda delivering his critiques in this fashion. What Panda likes most of all – besides wild adventures in space and time – is causing a right old rumpus in an art gallery.


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