Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer - George Mann

They sat beneath the crumbling arches of a ruined abbey, taking tea and scones in the waning afternoon light. Nearby, an automaton gave gentry folk a tour of the formal gardens.

The summer had passed in a haze of adventure: patchwork golems rendered of iron and flesh; glowing terrors on the welsh marshes; glass men animated by the strangest blue aether; revenants loose in the Houses of Parliament.

Newbury smiled warmly. "Finally," he said, taking her hand. "Some time to ourselves."

"I fear not," sighed Veronica, glancing over his shoulder. "Here comes Sir Charles, and his face is like thunder."

George Mann has been "messing around writing 100 word Newbury and Hobbes stories recently." So, when he offered to write one especially for Steampunk Summer I jumped at the chance. As he told me, he "might not have time for a lengthy blog post" but what he has written is pure magic. I quite literally spent a few months trying to find a picture that would complement the text but without taking away from the visual it created in my mind. I know it doesn't do the text justice, but it's a place your mind somewhat conjures, if not precisely, when you are lost in George's words. Look for more George in the coming days!


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