Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sartorial Sundays

Accessorizing is the key to Steampunk. Finding, making or modding just the right item to bring everything together. Now that the overall clothing is done, I realized, I needed footwear... sigh, such a hard thing buying shoes... no really! I wear a size 10/11 so truly, hard to find. So I headed out to DSW at the start of boot season, go any later and those other big footed women get my shoes! I was more than mildly distracted by the craft store next door, more on that below, but then I found the perfect pair! I kid you not! They're comfy, roomy and lace up, but than again, you can see for yourself...

I love them so much I also bought them in black too. And seeing as I was stopping at Target I was able to pick up a cheap pair, doubly cheap because they where on sale, brown knee high socks, because my theory is, why wear tights when you don't need to?

Now the most important part, my hat! How I love a good bowler or top hat! Seeing tons of people in one place wearing them is like living my Period Drama fantasy, now where is Mr. Darcy... even if I would prefer Henry Tilney, but the joke comes across as more Austen with old Fitzy. My local hat emporium doesn't have anything beyond the "black" model of derby or bowler, and the one I have isn't classy enough, in my mind, so I looked to the interwebs.

Here is the hat I found through Ladies' Emporium, also, obligatory goofy picture of me wearing the hat. Fits like a dream and looks so nice with some of the bling I bought.

For my outfit, I view my hat as the true expression of the inner Steampunk geek coming forth. Because, let's face it, my costume so far could easily pass as just someone doing a Victorian Renn Faire. Last year at Teslacon I saw someone who had the most gorgeous hat with faux flowers in it. I had been eyeing my mother's faux sunflowers for a few weeks when I decided to go to Michaels Craftstore and check out what they had. I found these lovely beauties. The dark brown is luscious and will go so well against the hat (truly, they look wonderful together!), while the cream will bring back in the colors from the tea dyed skirt and the blouse. So in love with this find. But not as much as the rest of the stuff I found...

So, needless to say, I spent more money than I should have at the craft store, but look at all these cool Steampunk bling to mod my hat! Gears and cogs and clock bits and unfinished pocket watches and birdcages and birds! So much awesomeness I went around the store in a state of bliss. Also, cunning me, because while this costume is earth tones, two of my other costumes aren't, so I bought some silver paint to bling the bling to the starlight side!


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