Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sartorial Sundays

Now, while I loved how my costume had turned out just as I imagined it, I still felt that it needed something more. It needed one key thing to set it off and make it special. Some accessory to take it beyond mere costume to full Steampunk character. I wracked my brains over this one and then I thought, hey, wait I minute I have the perfect thing!

My friend Sara is a metalsmith, as well as other things. We've been the best of friends since high school. When we went off to college together, I did a broader range of arts, while she focused on metalsmithing. She later went on to get a Masters degree and now does commission work on the side of her busy home life. You should check out her wonderful websites, and I'm not just saying that because I designed them... ok, maybe a little. Anyway, before she was heading off to Canada to start her Masters, she was selling off some of her college work. I had always loved this piece. It has a cool, futuristic compact look. The Irish coin in the center actually spins and the inside's texture was created by using a rolling mill and lots of quarters. I offered to relieve her of it and then for many years it just sat around the house being admired, not functional, but beautiful.

Then, when trying to think of what is "Steampunk" that I own, I thought of this piece. I was initially thinking that I could loop it to my belt or something, like a futuristic gadget or telescope on my alt kit, yet I was worried about it's safety there. But when I picked it up I realized, a) it's not that heavy and b) it nestles really nicely against my breastbone. I went to a craft store in town and picked up this cool ribbon/leather necklace cord, added a little extender and viola! Perfect Steampunk accessory.

Here is the center coin starting it's rotation. I really can't tell you how many people asked me about this piece while I was at the con. Needless to say I am now trying to convince Sara that all she should do is make Steampunk jewelry...

Here is what the now necklace looks opened up. While I'm busy preparing a new outfit for this years con, I do know that I think this entire outfit will make a comeback, and not just because of my love of this piece... tough it is mighty and made the ensemble. I just have a great fondness for the whole kit.

Next Sunday... how did the finished outfit turn out?


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