Friday, February 4, 2011

You Know Your Obsessed with Colin Firth when...

You see this poster and you register not the names, not the title, not anything but this:

That jawline, that slight quirk at the corner of the mouth, that nose and you sigh and think, Mr. Darcy. Now my Colin Firth obsession is not what it once was. I used to spend time tracking down obscure films, Apartment Zero, totally worth it, Femme Fatale with Billy Zane, gouge out my eyes now. I remember watching The Turn of the Screw and how sad I was he only had one scene. Colin I hope you win the Oscar, not cause I've gotten around to actually seeing the movie, which I've heard is awesome, but just for being your wonderful Coliness!


I am SO with you on this one. The corner of his mouth? *fans face*

(hey, let's be's his whole mouth really.)

Indeed, that's him! ;)


So wonderful like-minded bloggers :P

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