Friday, April 9, 2010

Going Postal Pratchett Style

I really don't think I could love Terry Pratchett more, I am in a Pratchett Reading Challenge after all. He's a comic genius and each and every book he writes has subtle layer upon subtle layer of context and meaning, along with the odd pie in the face, and you better hope that it is not one of Dibbler's pies. Sky TV has been adapting his books for the last few years now. They tentatively started with Hogfather, which I thought was a fair adaptation that did lack some of the subtlety of the original. After their resounding success, ie, fans didn't pelt them with aforementioned pies, they went on to adapt the first two Discworld Novels, The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic, which I think would have be a resounding success if not for Tim Curry's bad costume, but more importantly, the dreadful miscasting of David Jason as Rincewind. Is David Jason in his 30-40s? Is he skinny and lank and able to run fast? Not in the least! Now, while for some bizarre reason I see a young Bruce Campbell as Rincewind, there really is no explaining my mind, I suggest, due to his recently hanging up his screwdriver we bring another David into the role of Pratchett's favorite Wizzard. I'm talking David Tennant here people! Lithe, almost overly so, and we know he can run. Allonsy!

But back to the matter at hand. We have, what I view as possibly the best adaptation on the horizon. Going Postal! Now it's not so much the characters of Moist Von Lipwig and Lord Vetinari, it's the actors. The cast! OMG! David Suchet, Charles Dance, Tamsin Greig, Clare Foy, and I leave my favorite to last... Richard Coyle. Ah Jeff from Coupling, I have missed you. Season 4 was a piece of shit without you. So now I have my Jeff and my Pratchett combined into one wonderful package. So what's the down side? It's not going to air till May! Originally slatted for the Easter weekend, the intimidation of a Doctor Who launch is surely what pushed it back. But until then, a trailer! Huzzah!


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