Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do You Still Dream of Him?

It took me a long time to get into the show Life on Mars. It's bizarre mix of reality and non-reality and the fact that it always kept you guessing and wondering were at the same time frustrating and fascinating. But once I embraced that the show was not so much about Sam Tyler as it was about Gene Hunt, it seemed to make some sort of sense. This is Gene's world, Sam's just a visitor. Therefore when Alex Drake dropped into Gene's world I was immensely trilled. Here was someone who, perhaps, knew a little more about what was going on, due to her studying of Sam's case file, as well as being a potential love interest who could verbally spare with Gene with a side of sexual tension. When we last saw Alex and the crew after a convoluted series two, she had woken up in the present day but was somehow still in a coma back in the 80s with Gene Hunt on the lamb because they didn't know his shooting of Alex was an accident. We pick up three months later and it looks that they have upped the surreality but have a strong focus. Sure we're not sure how Alex went from the present day back again, but she, like Sam wanted to go back. Where Sam went to save them, Alex went for answers. Alex went for Hunt. We're promised answers, we're promised conclusions. For a show that lives in the land of convulsion and dreamscapes the thought of bringing it to a cohesive ending is at once scary and exciting. If they can do it will everyone be happy? I can't be certain. The new DNC officer Jim Keats seems to know more than he's saying and seems to be wanting to help Alex out of the world of Gene Hunt. But despite a mildly interesting and diverting kidnapping plot it was the last five minutes that galvanized this episode more than any of the previous series of Ashes to Ashes. Jim Keats will unmask Gene, though I deeply hope that Gene does not turn out to be the villain that Keats is foretelling. And could everything hinge on Sam Tyler? A subject rarely brought up, yet obviously pivotal. I can't wait till next week when Alex opens up that desk drawer and sneaks a peak at Sam's file. Until then, like her, I will still dream of Gene Hunt.

Each week I am going to do a Gene Genie Awesomeness Scale as well as an Alex Drake Drab Scale.

How awesome was Gene tonight? On a scale of 1-10, an 8. The driving the Quatro and shooting at people dream sequence was a perfect 10, as was his way of waking up a coma victim, just slap them in the face, but overall, not enough screen time.

How awful was Alex's clothes tonight? A 9! Highest ever, mainly due to the good new haircut, she really can't be blamed overmuch for the ugly sweater and shoulder pads... at least it wasn't the fur coat!


There is a series 3 of Life on Mars? I thought at the end of second that it was all done and wrapped up. Very interesting... I do agree. It was very much the Gene Hunt show, and he was SO great! I loved the little clay figures of them, with Gene's kicking the crap out of someone, waved, and continued to kick. Violence is not funny, but Gene Hunt is great!

Cartoony Gene Hunt violence is though! Yeah, season three is purported to give us all the answers, should be stateside in the summer I should think.

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