Friday, September 14, 2018

Hap and Leonard

I'm still scratching my head as to why I forgot to include Hap and Leonard last year because their second season which aired in 2017, based on Joe R. Lansdale's book Mucho Mojo, was one of the most suspenseful and riveting seasons of ANY television show I've ever watched. Words can not do justice to the investigation of a sinister serial killer in their midst whilst also somehow complimenting that with dark humor that is spot on. As I've said before when talking about Altered Carbon, I will watch anything with James Purefoy in it, but there are only a few Purefoy shows that achieve a level of near perfection, The Following and Injustice being the only two which came to mind before I found Hap and Leonard. But add to Purefoy the charismatic relationship he has onscreen with the always wonderful Michael Kenneth Williams and they're the best dynamic duo to be seen in a long time on our screens. And as an aside, Michael Kenneth Williams is, in my mind, the only thing that could have improved Solo: A Star Wars Story which is easily my favorite Star Wars film since the original trilogy, and yes, I know that might be a controversial opinion, but there you have it. What's interesting about the show, besides wonderful casting from Andrew Dice Clay to Jimmi ('My father was named Mary. His father before him was named Mary. And his father before him was named Craig.') Simpson is that for a period show, set in the late eighties, it is so timely and relevant. This past season, and sadly it's last as Hap and Leonard was cancelled, dealt with racism and the KKK, a sight that is not unfamiliar in today's America. Perhaps it was too real for some people. For me it was perfect.       


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