Wednesday, September 27, 2017


If someone were to ask what my favorite TV series is, iZombie would be a strong contender. Whereas if you were to ask me what one of my most hated graphic novel series I've ever read is I'd again probably say iZombie. Quite literally the only thing the two have in common is the name from which the genius of Rob Thomas, of Veronica Mars fame not Matchbox Twenty fame, made this quirky show that harkens back to Veronica in the crime solving structure and societal warfare but puts a whole new spin on how the crimes are solved. This crime solving ability is all down to the casting of the lead. Rose McIver as Olivia Moore (Liv Moore, get it? You'll need to like puns to like this show!) is the delicate shoulders whom this show rests on. Because the quirk to the crime solving? She eats the victims brains and sees flashes of their lives, which also tend to bleed into her own as she takes on their traits. She has become a country western singer, a stripper, a kleptomaniac, so far it's unending how these other people change her while also expanding her heart. Of course there's a big bad, with the ever sexy David Anders as Blaine DeBeers, but it's the heart of the show, the friendships, not the nemeses that make it the only zombie show you should be watching. Plus I CAN NOT wait for the upcoming season now that the existence of zombies is known. Because in a show that is able to constantly change and reinvent itself it's now changed their whole world and I say bring it!   


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