Monday, September 1, 2014

Literary New York

Originally I was thinking of calling September's theme month "Autumn in New York." But then sense weighed in saying, while yes, September is the month autumn starts, I was technically going to be in New York in August, not autumn (plus the one time I was in New York in autumn, it wasn't very autumny)... plus, well, I shall never name a theme month after a lame Richard Gere movie, and that is my promise to you! So this theme month started when I was planning my trip to New York for this past summer. I was looking up all the places I wanted to go, ie, stalking long dead author's haunts, and inspiration struck! Instead of just doing this for fun, I could do it for my blog, which, technically means I was doing it for fun because that's what this blog is to me, besides a labor of love. But then I ended up not going to New York, long sad story, I've moved on; yet despite the trip being defunct now, I couldn't give up on this idea of "Literary New York" (which I had finally settled on as the name of the theme month). So I decided that I'd use this as more extensive planning for when I finally get back to New York, which will happen despite the fact that it appears that like The Doctor I am timelocked from the city.

Therefore I invite you to virtually stalk the artistic haunts of New York with me. Walk the streets that Dorothy Parker and Helene Hanff walked. Breath deep of the city that inspired the likes of Edith Wharton to put pen to page. Live in the shadows of some of the greatest American Authors the world has known. New York has always been a melting pot of genius and I hope with the few authors I have chosen to spotlight that you will see not only their greatness but also the breadth of their works, from playwrights to cartoonists, satirists to biographers, I tried to find a cornucopia of genres to explore. Also, I hope that if you are as lucky as I hope to be that one day you will be able to walk these streets for yourself. Until such a time I hope I can give you a flavor of that greatest of cities housing the spectres of those greatest of authors!


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