Friday, March 2, 2012

Regency Romance, A Winner is Chosen!

Well time does march on, ok, yes, that's a bad joke that it's now march... even with that extra day February just whizzed by. I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to all things Regency. While I sadly did not spend the entire month walking around in clothes with an Empire waist having poets fling themselves at my feet (reality, lots of layers and blankets and pjs), I did have the honor of heading down to the Chicagoland area, aka Barrington, and getting to hear Lauren Willig and Tasha Alexander talk. A wonderful and fun talk wherein I learned that they could both easily quote Dorothy Sayers. No matter what you do, be it pharmaceutical salesman or lawyer, if you where meant to write, you will write. Also too much caffeine could possibly lead to interpretive dance on tables, unless you are able to talk yourself out of it. Yet, while I could dwell on fun, I'm sure you all are just wanting to know who's getting a free book... which does have poets flinging themselves at peoples feet... sadly not my own... maybe if I wore azure shoes... well, without further ado... mariepea! Look to your inbox for further instructions!


Hot dang! I am so excited!

Thanks to Miss Eliza and to Lauren Willig for making this contest happen!

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