Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Review - Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic and Baby

Shopaholic and Baby: Shopaholic Book 5 by Sophie Kinsella
Published by: Dell
Publication Date: 2006
Format: Paperback, 448 Pages
Rating: ★★★
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Becky Brandon is pregnant and now has two to shop for. But being pregnant means not just having the right clothes, the right house and the right stroller, it means having the right doctor. By some miracle, Becky is able to finagle the stars to align to leave the doctor who delivered Luke into the world to get Venetia Carter. The hottest obstetrician. Delivering the babies of Bond girls and throwing to-die-for parties for the "yummiest mummies." She happens to be Luke's ex. She happens to want him back, or so Becky is convinced. So besides dealing with her raging hormones and trying to get the house of her dreams, get herself into Vogue's "Yummiest Mummies-to-be" article and a husband who is working on a very iffy merger she now has a Doctor she can't trust. The distrust leads Becky to not only hid more than just her receipts and credit card bills from Luke, but to also hire a PI to tail him. By the time Becky's water breaks will she be able to miraculously pull her life back together and fix everything before she cocks it all up in the next installment? Most likely she will in the most far fetched unlikely manner possible, because logic, reality and restraint are not words in Becky's vocabulary.

Why I found this book entertaining is beyond me. Becky is at her lowest most despicable and reprehensible. Yes, she is despicable. Setting a PI on your husband should end any marriage. It shows a lack of trust that is fundamental to that partnership that whether or not cheating happened, shows that the two of you should not be together. You shouldn't end up being thanked by your husband because of some lame deus-ex-machina! The profligate spending is not abated, the lessons learned at the end of each of the previous four books have been thrown away. How can someone be so dim and dumb. Why are Becky and Luke together? Really? I know it's chick lit so I shouldn't take it seriously, but COME ON! There is no chemistry, Luke is as dull as a pile of rocks and Becky is as dumb as them... oh wait, I think I might have stumbled onto something. They are rock kin! Too dense and to dull to get anyone better. By the next book she'll be too stupid to stop spending and he'll be too stupid to view it as a problem. But it's a book to pass a few hours by and to be thankful that this isn't your life.


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