Friday, July 8, 2011

Of Potter and Pratchett

As every book junky knows, the final Harry Potter film comes out next week. As not everyone knows, unless the voices in my head are talking to other people I don't know about, I had been planing on doing a few odes to Harry this month. I had planed to start on Wednesday, but Terry Pratchett got in the way. To which I saw, Terry, do what you want. This weekend is the North American Discworld Convention and my friend Jess and I are to be in attendance. So there was much cleaning of the house, to make it presentable, Jess is an out of town guest, and I must do my best to have her not buried alive under a towering stack of books. So, Wednesday's post ended up Friday's post. So while I will be thinking of Harry all month, the next few days will be only Discworld. Ah, Discworld... I do love they an inordinate amount. As you read this, I might be in the same room with Terry Pratchett, do not to be jealous overly much.


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