Friday, April 1, 2011

Win or Lose Giveaway

As you probably all recall, I have a bit of a Lisa Lutz obsession. I just love her clean and witty writing style. Well, this month she finally branches into new territory, the Spellmans being shelved until next spring. But for her new foray into crime she has a partner, David Hayward. Writing in such ways as David Levithan and Rachel Cohn have been known to, it's as if those two writers decided to declare open warfare. Hilarious and entertaining, and yes, this applies to the authors as well. I hope you'll take the time to pick up this book (or win it, hint hint), or see them on tour! I've been eagerly anticipating seeing how they interact in a confined space for an allotted about of time since I read the book. After all, it's not often that you read a list of demands from an author before embarking on tour:

•In airports, let’s pretend we don’t know each other. Obviously, if I’m getting mugged or injure myself, break character. Otherwise, you’re some tall blond guy in a wrinkled shirt (and it will be wrinkled) who happens to be on the same airplane.

•I’ve noticed in the few signing sessions we’ve had that you’re getting fancy with your signature. Knock it off. It doesn’t change the fact that my name is bigger on the cover.

•Even though we’re pretending that we don’t know each other, sometimes bringing a stranger coffee makes you feel better. It’s like one of those pay-it-forward things, which I’m generally not all that big on, but there are some exceptions.

•If I ask you to bring me an apple, don’t then ask me if you can eat it later. Just get another apple.

•No more blue pens. And bring your own. I’m not your pen valet.

•Don’t deplane slowly just to prove you’re more zen than I am. Guess what? I give that to you, yoga boy. You are more zen. You win that one, I give it to you.

•Finally, if tensions still arise, I suggest we resort to Twitter for all communication. I believe we’re less likely to reveal our dark sides in front of the voting public.

So onto the giveaways "official rules"...

The Prize:
An ARC of Heads You Lose (curtesy of Lisa's awesome publishers at Putnam).

The Rules:
1. Open to EVERYONE (for clarification, this means international, but no shipping to space stations or TARDI), just because you haven't been following me all along doesn't mean you don't matter, you just get more entries if you prove you love me by following.

2. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if your name is drawn, either your blogger profile or a link to your website/blog or you could even include your email address with your comment(s) or email me.

3. Contest ends Saturday, April 30th at 11:59PM CST

4. How to enter: Just comment in the space below!

5. And for those addicted to getting extra entries:

+1 for answering the question: Are you for or against cat based mysteries? I thought about asking what you'd do if a corpse showed up in your yard, but that a tad bit gruesome.

+2 for becoming a follower

+10 if you are already a follower

+10 for each time you advertise this contest - blog post, sidebar, twitter (please @MzLizard), etc. (but you only get credit for the first post, so tweet all you like, and I thank you for it, but you'll only get the +10 once). Also please leave a link!

Good luck!


Fantastic giveaway!!
+1 I am for cat mysteries. I have 2 myself, and I know how devious they can be.
+10 old gfc follower
+10 spread here

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Thanks so much for the giveaway!
+1 I am for them, cats are just so interesting.
+10 old gfc follower
+10 spread here

Stephanie- thegirlonfire
thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

+1 I don't mind cat mysteries.
+10 Old GFc follower.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Now when we are talking cats are we only talking about domestic felines or the big cats as well ?

Just being picky. I like any and all cats even Puss in Boots.

Please enter me in the giveaway.

Don't live in the Tardis but faily close to it, South Africa.

+10 old GFC Follower
+1 for answer.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

+1 I am... for cat mysteries. I'm for cat anything, really, esecially cat shinanigans, CAT scans (very useful, though rather pricey), and catepillars because they turn into pretty butterflies.
+10 I follow.
+10 I posted a vert for your contest on my sidebar.

My sister raves about the Spellman books.
zombiegirrrl21 at aol

OMG - she writomething other then the Spellmans! I am torn between intrigued and sad - bring back the Spellmans! lol
Thanks for posting this and for contesting it!

+1 Cat-based mysteries are okay - I liked the ones I read as a kid, though it has been a while since ... :P
+10 if you are already a follower


+ 1 I like cats, they look at you like they already know your character.
+2 newbie follower!!
+10 tweeted here!/Top_cat81/status/55696787595476992


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