Friday, April 29, 2011

Once Upon a Fortnight

As Fairy Tale Fortnight draws to a close, today is a very real example of why we love Fairy Tales. Today, the world has one more Princess. There may be earthquakes and tornadoes and havoc the world over, yet the world turns it's eye to a cold damp little island where today Fairy Tales do come true. While I sadly did not receive my wedding invite, letting a wondrous absurd hat opportunity go to waste, I at least got to be a part of Book Rat's celebration of happily ever afters. While we can't be certain of Kate and William's happily ever after, today is the day where it begins, where the future holds endless possibilities, and there just might be a happily ever after to come... here's wishing the royal couple well.


LOL. You crack me up!
Maybe we should just wear our awesome ridiculous hats in solidarity with the rest of us uninviteds...

I'm made sure my daughter awoke before dawn to witness the fairy tale. She watched Kate walk up the aisle and then went back to bed. I hope it is something that she will always remember. I only wish I had a hat worthy of such an event. Maybe my Grandmother would have loaned me one! :)

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