Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Your Favorite Books Brought to Life - BBC Minseries News

A new Emma Woodhouse is on the way in the guise of Romola Garai (from the exquisite Daniel Deronda). The new 4 part series will air in England sometime this fall, so it should be stateside by next Spring. The cast also includes Michael Gambon as Mr. Woodhouse, Christina Cole (most known stateside for Hex) and Johnny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightly. Lets hope Mr. Miller's return to Austen is NOTHING like the abysmal Mansfield Park he stared in. But there are high hopes, it is being adapted by the production team that is responsible for the most recent Jane Eyre dramatization.

Get set to return to Cranford! Set for this Christmas the two part holiday episode has the whole cast returning (well those still alive by the end of the series), as well as Septimus, who will finally appear (can you image Lady Ludlow's joy!?!) Jonathan Pryce and Celia Imrie have also joined the cast. To view the official BBC Press release go here.


Oh my goodness!!!! I had NO IDEA about Cranford-- that makes me appallingly happy! I just adoooooored that miniseries-- all the Elizabeth Gaskell adaptations they've done thus far have been just flawless. Oh golly, I hope Mary and that nice optometrist get married!

Mary does need a little bit of love for herself, doesn't she!?! I agree, the Gaskell adaptations are so perfect and wonderfully cast, though I heart Wives and Daughters the most. Here's also hoping that it is so successful we might get more than just a two part special!

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