Tuesday, June 9, 2009

That Devastating Air of Attractive Mystery - Gene Hunt

So last night season two of Ashes to Ashes came to a close. Thankfully this is not the last we will see of Gene Hunt (and if you read my previous post, you'll know of my love for this man), as Ashes to Ashes will be back for a third season, even if just a short miniseries or special if they don't get the full 8 episode pickup, like they are doing with Torchwood. The Gene Genie WILL return! This season felt more up and down than last season to me. The through line of stopping police corruption just didn't seem as interesting as Alex trying to solve her parents murder in season one. But I do have to say Alex was far less annoying dealing with the rose scheme then dealing with her mommy issues. But I had two main problems with this season. One, the chemistry between Gene and Alex, and two, what is really happening to Alex and how will it connect with Sam.

Overall I felt that the chemistry between Gene and Alex was not working this season. Gene and Alex have come to some symbiotic relationship where they need and trust each other, but there isn't a spark! It's like the Moonlighting effect, where the chemistry went right out the window once they hit the sheets, only we didn't get any hitting of the sheets! What happened to the promise we saw when they were trapped in the file room or where Gene muttered he'd dreamed of giving her CPR. The reason this show has worked better than Life on Mars is the fact Gene has an equal who is female, who he has feelings for...only it felt like someone squashed those feelings. You can have attraction and mutual respect and admiration! This seemed more like a "buddy" movie, like they forgot Alex is female and they were writing for Sam again.

Now as to the what is really happening to Alex...I felt there was a lot of biding time till something happened (ie the last two episodes). Alex seemed almost totally aware of what was happening (knowing they got the bullet, etc etc) or totally loopy, like she was forgetting her other life, but they didn't bother to explain this or anything, which was odd. After the knowledge gained last season that Gene Hunt is real in some sense I thought they'd be quicker to establish some link to truly figure out what Alex, Gene and Sam have in common. But they spent most of the time on Project Rose! Thankfully in the last two episodes they brought some closure and some new questions. Project Rose was solved and Alex awoke from her Coma...but what about Gene? It now looks like the table is reversed and Alex is now in a coma in 1982 and Gene needs her back...this could be very interesting. But don't you think they could have done this at the beginning of the season instead of basically having a season of Alex is found and she wakes up? Because the next installment looks like we will get answers, unlike this season of just waiting.

As a final send-off for Gene Hunt, till whenever he will grace our screens again, I give you the best of Gene Hunt:

Episode 1: The Audio Quatro is back in business and hanging around SoHo strip clubs.
Episode 2: One kick ass car chase and Gene is inducted into the Masons, bizarre (shirtless) rituals and all.
Episode 3: Gene stands his ground against Super Mac and gets "transferred" to Plymouth.
Episode 4: Gene shoots a dog in the head, which sounds really sick, but is really awesome, because how many times have you had to watch the show where there's the dog during the break-in where they don't know what to do, so Gene skipped the laced steaks or the running away and streamlined the endeavor in pure Gene Genie fashion.
Episode 5: Criminal tied up and dumped in back of truck headed to France.
Episode 6: Gene's search warrant, looking suspiciously like a crowbar.
Episode 7: Gene's handle during the raid on the Docklands building site: Papa Bear!
Episode 8: Gene as a children's TV show host in Alex's subconscious, but what a subconscious! Children watching "Jackanory" watch out! As Gene says: 'Shut yer gob! Or I'll come round yer houses and stamp on all yer toys.'

For more Gene Hunt check out Season 1 of Life on Mars on DVD now! Season 2 coming this fall...


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