Friday, April 2, 2021

Season 34 - He Knew He Was Right (2004-2005)

There are moments in your life that your remember as perfect. They are rare. Those moments you can look back on and think, yes, that was when everything was right in the world. That was it. For me one of those moments was spending Sunday nights with my cat watching He Knew He Was Right. This miniseries was a perfect blend of romance and humor. Yes, the story of Louis and Emily and the disintegration of their marriage is tragic but Bill Nighy playing the rakish wedge pushing them apart with his asides to the camera is beyond delicious. Then there's the budding romance between Dorothy and Brooke, an oh so young Matthew Goode, doomed due to Dorothy's aunt, a brilliant turn by the ever wonderful Anna Massey. Of course I'm leaving the best for last, and that's the love triangle between the local vicar and two sisters. Arabella and Camilla French, Fenella Woolgar and Claudie Blakley respectively, both set their caps at Mr. Gibson, played by David Tennant. There is manipulation, illness, castigation, and finally, after an incident with a knife, grudging acceptance. I can not tell you how much I enjoy this plotline. I can give you an inkling though in the fact that a few years back now David Tennant was coming to Madison as part of the Wizard World Conventions. Remember conventions? Large rooms full of noisy people spending too much money they couldn't afford to spend but all worshiping the same geeky gods you do? Yeah... There's a part of me that doesn't miss those at all and another part that longs to be able to go to one. Booths full of geeky t-shirts and random people dressed up as Doctor Who or Deadpool might be dead and gone. Getting back on track, so David Tennant, Madison, me having a VIP ticket. First there was the quick photoshoot where they move you through as fast as they can, here's you and David, click, next. Later there would be the panel where I had a reserved seat up front and people would ask questions David has had to answer a thousand times before. The middle though, the autograph, that is when you get a few seconds of one on one time. I went up, had my Doctor Who picture to be signed and said "Obviously I'm a fan of Doctor Who but I have to say that your performance in He Knew He Was Right is my favorite. The knife scene was perfection." He got a far away look in his eye and smiled and said "Now that's an obscure one." So I got credit for being obscure. I'll take it.   


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