Friday, November 13, 2020

Book Review - Edward Eager's Magic by the Lake

Magic by the Lake by Edward Eager
Published by: Turtleback Books
Publication Date: 1957
Format: Hardcover, 208 Pages
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My mom had one mandatory author I had to love and that author was Edward Eager. Thankfully things worked out or who knows, I might have been disowned. But these books consumed me, as did the artwork by the amazing N.M. Bodecker. Sometimes aspects of a book have so inspired me I've tried to make them real. After reading The Time Garden I was obsessed with planting thyme anywhere my mom would let me in the hopes I'd be able to time travel. As an aside woolly thyme is adorable. I also would imitate Bodecker's style in my artwork creating a Romeo and Juliet comic in high school. The only problem is Edward Eager only wrote seven books, three duologies, two of which are linked, and a standalone. That is not nearly enough! I will always be eager for more! Yes, I know that's a groanworthy pun, but it felt necessary. Interestingly enough until a Christmas where I hunted up all seven first editions for my mother as a present she only had one of Eager's books, Magic by the Lake. This was chronologically the second book in the series though released third and followed Martha, Jane, Mark, and Katharine's further adventures as they went on vacation. While I always loved this volume because it seemed plausible on one of my many trips to Door County that I'd run into a magical turtle I think it was my mom's favorite because of a very bad vacation she took with her family. I don't remember what year it was but when my mom was younger the whole extended family rented a cabin and it was going to be the best summer ever, instead they were trapped inside all day by rain. The one picture that remains is a portrait in misery or great hilarity depending on if you're viewing it from my mother's POV or her dad's, the photographer. I believe that Magic by the Lake became her favorite Eager book because this was the summer vacation she dreamed of and never got. 


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