Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Locke and Key

There's FINALLY an adaptation of Locke and Key! While I haven't been a Keyhead for long, only about two years, I have learned from my fellow community members all about the frustratingly long wait to finally see these amazing comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez adapted for the small screen. There was a 2011 pilot notably starring Miranda Otto as Nina Locke. If you search around online you can usually find somewhere to watch it, though I haven't. Then Hulu had a bigger named cast pilot in 2017 which starred Frances O'Connor as Nina which I'm personally glad didn't take off due to Frances O'Connor issues that are very deep-seated in me. But 2020, despite all the other crap out there, finally saw Locke and Key come to Netflix with the even better news that we'll be getting more of it! In an age where Netflix is culling shows like there's no tomorrow, Locke and Key will continue to live on! So how does this adaptation compare to the comics? Well, it has Aaron Ashmore, otherwise known as "The Ashmore of My Heart," so right there is a big tick in the winning category. Overall it's a solid adaptation. They leaned more into the fantastical elements and the magic instead of the horror. So think Willy Wonka with the occasional boat ride. Because this show doesn't skimp on bringing the scary when it needs to, but it left out the brutal rape of Nina and other elements that would have made it strictly for an adult audience instead of more teens and up. There are also some fascinating new keys, some twists I didn't see coming with plot changes that make this an enjoyable viewing experience for new and old fans. So while my heart still belongs to the comics, this show has my undivided attention.      


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