Monday, August 10, 2020

Tuesday Tomorrow

Chasing Starlight by Teri Bailey Black
Published by: Tor Teen
Publication Date: August 11th, 2020
Format: Hardcover, 336 Pages
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The official patter:
"Movies, mansions, and murder in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Teri Bailey Black's Chasing Starlight is a historical mystery from the award-winning author of the Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel.

1938. The Golden Age of Hollywood. Palm trees and movie stars. Film studios pumping out musicals and gangster films at a furious pace. Everyone wants to be a star - except society girl and aspiring astronomer Kate Hildebrand. She’s already famous after a childhood tragedy turned her into a newspaper headline. What she craves now is stability.

But when Kate has to move to Hollywood to live with her washed-up silent film star grandfather, she walks into a murder scene and finds herself on the front page again. She suspects one of the young men boarding in her grandfather’s run-down mansion is the killer - or maybe even her grandfather.

Now, Kate must discover the killer while working on the set of a musical - and falling in love. Will her stars align so she can catch the murderer and live the dream in Old Hollywood? Or will she find that she’s just chasing starlight?"

Old Hollywood glamor with a dash of murder? Always my favorite recipe.

Cry of Metal and Bone by L. Penelope
Published by: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: August 11th, 2020
Format: Paperback, 496 Pages
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The official patter:
"L. Penelope's stunning epic fantasy Earthsinger Chronicles continues with Cry of Metal and Bone.

The Mantle dividing Elsira and Lagrimar has fallen. As the two kingdoms struggle to unify, one threat stands above them all.

As desperate Lagrimari flee their barren land for a chance at a better life in Elsira, a shadowy group with ties to the Elsiran government launches an attack on their own soil. With threats of more violence, an unlikely crew is assembled to investigate. Among them are Lizvette Nirall, a disgraced socialite seeking redemption for past mistakes, and Tai Summerhawk, a foreign smuggler determined to keep a promise he made to a dead man.

It’s a race against time in this world of deadly magic, secret agendas and court intrigue to discover those responsible before the next assault. And in another land a new enemy awakens - one that will strike terror into the hearts of gods and men."

I'm always down for court intrigue!


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