Wednesday, May 30, 2018

University Book Store

Bookstore: University Book Store

Location: Near West Side Madison, Wisconsin

Why I Love Them: For most of my life the University Book Store was the only book store around. Not that there was anything wrong with that. If I could only have one book store I was thankful it was a good one. One where I have many lovely memories of hours browsing or hanging with my friends. They had lovely dark bookcases that looked like they came from some fancy library, sliding library ladder included, and they even had their own children's store for awhile at Hilldale. Oh, and during the days they ran a remainder store? I was in heaven. I followed that remainder store to three different locations over the years and was sad to see it go, but thankfully by that time I was a student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and I had found the used book section near where I went to buy my textbooks. Because all my textbooks were bought in the basement of their man branch right on library mall in the heart of the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus, which luckily was also right next to the art building. Especially lucky because they had a huge selection of art supplies so I didn't have to leave campus to get the tools of my trade. While I might complain that in recent years they've gone more to the branded apparel end of the spectrum, forsaking books, they haven't forsaken books completely and they always get in rare signed editions and books you can't find anywhere else. I have yet to check out their new store at Hilldale but can not wait.  

Best Buy: On Harry Potter's birthday in 2016 the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out. While no book store in town was having a midnight release party, I know, I'm just as shocked as you are, I couldn't wait for morning to come and to trek out to Barnes and Noble, where I'd gone to all my Harry Potter release parties, and come home and spend the day devouring this new Harry Potter story. Only I got to Barnes and Noble and THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT! They hadn't ordered enough copies, which in itself should be considered a crime, but what was worse was they were rude about it! They were hostile to me and I found out later to many of my friends who went there seeking the book. Their buyer fucked up and instead of taking the fall the blame was placed on the customers clamoring to get a copy. As you can see, two years later I haven't quite forgiven them. But this is the part in the story where everything turns out all right. I racked my brain and decided I'd try the University Book Store. Not only did they have a huge display, that I was allowed to search through for the perfect copy, but they were so nice. They were happy for my patronage and happy to be of assistance. In other words, they behaved like a wonderful book store should and I shall never forget that. As for the book itself? Yes, I would rather have seen the show, especially now that it's stateside with the original cast (I love you Alex Price!) But the book is a great little piece of fanfic. I don't consider it canon necessarily, but it's a wonderful little what if.  


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