Friday, November 4, 2016

Aaron's Toast

"Neil Gaiman is such a cultural badass that an entire race on Babylon 5 was named after him. The Gaim Intelligence* was the collective name for the monarchy made up of the six Gaim Queens, each of which control their own specific territories on their homeworld of N'chak'fah. I think we can all read between the lines on that one! Well played, Neil." - Aaron

*The masks of The Gaim Intelligence were designed to strongly resemble the mask of Dream, the titular character in Gaiman's graphic novel The Sandman

I met Aaron outside that same Paul Magrs reading as I did his lovely wife Janice. They are staples of our book club, The Last Word, but Aaron always brings something extra: he is the king ultracrepidarian. But he doesn't just contain his acerbic wit and comments only to things outside his ken, he is probably the most informed person I know on all things science fiction and paranormal. Need to know about MKUltra? He's your man. Need to know about all the hidden symbolism in the works of Kubrick? Again, turn to Aaron. He will have a color chart breakdown of 2001 ready and waiting. What's more Aaron is finally go to be a published author! Aaron's story, "The Woman Who Sold the Moon" will appear shortly in Obverse Books' A Clockwork Iris, edited by George Mann, Paul Magrs and Stuart Douglas.


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