Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pink Carnation Spotlight - Reeve Carney (Lucien, Duke of Belliston)

Lucien just might be the easiest character I have ever dream cast from Lauren Willig's oeuvre. The second I heard of this supposed prince of darkness I instantly thought of Reeve Carney who plays the mysterious Dorian Gray on the always fabulous Penny Dreadful. In fact, I'd say Dorian and Lucien might have quite a bit in common, except for the fact that one is evil and the other... well, you'll have to read The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla to know for sure.

Name: Reeve Carney

"Dream" Character Casting for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Lucien, Duke of Belliston

First Impression: Penny Dreadful all the way. This show is so stylish and is such an interesting combination of literary characters in the demimonde. How could I not love it? Plus, Reeve brings something sexy and enigmatic to the character of Dorian Gray, something that is really lacking from Oscar Wilde's book. Yes, I said it. Dorian Gray as a book isn't very good.

Why they'd be the perfect actor for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Firstly, just look at him! He's got the overly long hair, the mysterious air, and a smile just quirking the corner of his mouth as if he's trying to hold back from laughing at whatever Sally has just said. Also, at least in Penny Dreadful, he has an interest in botany, much like Lucien's mother. But more importantly, he feels a combination of British and other, probably because he is American, or immortal, and therefore I think an ideal candidate for Lucien; he can't be too British after spending so much time down in New Orleans! Also, the accent is totally working in his favor!

Lasting Impression: Penny Dreadful. Seriously folks, one and done for this actor. Rarely does an actor so capture me the first time I've seen him, but everyone on Penny Dreadful, including those actors, like Reeve, who I'd never seen before, were truly memorable. In other words, WATCH PENNY DREADFUL PEOPLE!

What else you've seen them in: Reeve has been more into music than acting, see the Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble" music video. Yes, I just said Taylor Swift. But he has had an interestingly varied career from a young turn on Dave's World, you all remember that show based on Dave Barry's life right, to being in Julie Taymor's The Tempest, which I was way too cowardly to watch after the memorable impression that her version of Titus made on me.

Can't believe it's them: And speaking of things that I can't believe and Julie Taymor, Reeve was the star of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark! Seriously, I will never be able to get this hilarious information into a proper place in my brain where it makes sense. He was in the most lampooned Broadway show like ever! And he was the star! Oh, I wonder how many limbs he broke...

Wish they hadn't: Seriously, I'm not getting off this Spider-Man thing ANYTIME SOON! Though it looks like he didn't break any limbs. Still, can't stop laughing.

Bio: Reeve was born in New York and from the beginning performing was in his blood seeing as his great uncle was the wonderful actor Art Carney. His family moved to California where he attended the Academy of Music at Alexander Hamilton High School where he met his future band mates. In fact by the age of fifteen he was playing guitar professionally at B.B. King's night club in L.A. Though he continued his education majoring in college in studio jazz guitar, not forsaking study for fame. His first band opened for such groups as Arcade Fire and U2. While still doing music it's his acting chops on Penny Dreadful that are really getting him noticed. Mmm, Penny Dreadful.


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