Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pink Carnation Spotlight - Rachael Stirling (Gwendolyn Meadows)

Ok, ok, so yes, I have used Rachael Stirling before in a Lauren Willig "Dream Casting" but she's such a good actress can you blame me for using her more then once? Also, seriously, I think she'd be the ultimate Miss Gwen!

Name: Rachael Stirling

"Dream" Character Casting for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Gwendolyn Meadows

First Impression: Tipping the Velvet... kind of hard to forget the scene with all the "John's" or the scene with the leather, you know... I'm not going to type it out, but it lead to her being fired by Caroline Bingley... mainly cause Caroline wasn't on the receiving end... overall a lackluster production despite being written by Andrew Davies... and who knew Caroline Bingley was so into women? Well the writers of Lost in Austen for one.

Why they'd be the perfect actor for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: I have spent much thought on Miss Gwen because she has such a distinct personality. Rachael works because she has the decorum needed but also has a biting comeback on the tip of her tongue that could easily scare the young rogues of the ton, if they were able to avoid her parasol that is.

Lasting Impression: Marple, "Murder at the Vicarage." The first episode of the new Marple and Rachael was perfect. I also want her wardrobe. No seriously. I NEED her wardrobe.

What else you've seen them in: From mysteries like Poirot, Miss Marple and The Bletchley Circle, to more gender bending roles in Lewis, Tipping the Velvet and the comedy Boy Meets Girl. As well as more big budget movies, like Snow White and the Huntsman and Salmon Fishing in Yemen, and Julian Fellowes' The Young Victoria. Rachael is always wonderful and always willing to walk the line of male and female, with her feminine features and her husky voice, it also shows she has an adeptness to the "breeches" roles Miss Gwen loves to employ... She could take on any role and anyone and be victorious.

Can't believe it's them: She was in the horrid Maybe Baby, which I'm sure everyone involved from Hugh Laurie to Emma Thompson wishes would just disappear off their resumes. Seriously, there's a scene with a moped that won't leave my mind. Literally I saw this movie once, and it won't leave!

Wish they hadn't: I'm actually going to move beyond my hatred of Maybe Baby this time around and go with Women in Love. I still can't believe how much they messed it up. Ugh, the scene with Joseph Mawle and Rory Kinnear wrestling in the sand? Burn out my eyes please!

Bio: Think she looks familiar? Could it be because her mother is none other than Diana Rigg? Why didn't they just get her for The Avengers... Uma Thurman my ass. If her mother as The Queen of Thorns is anything to go by, you can only imagine the wroth and the cracking put-downs that Rachael will be able to channel as Miss Gwen. As for the two of them ever acting together? Check out the Doctor Who episode "The Crimson Horror." It's Victorian campy Whovian fun! Plus, it shows the vulnerability that Rachael is capable of and which is needed for the softer side of Gwen. I know! Who knew there was one?


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