Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pink Carnation Spotlight - Tom Mison (Augustus Whittlesby)

Augustus might have been the hardest character to ever cast in my dream Lauren Willig Miniseries. Why? Because it's hard to find an actor who is stellar and who can pull off long hair and a flowing shirt. Hence when Tom Mison appeared for the first time as Ichabod Crane all my casting worries were over.

Name: Tom Mison

"Dream" Character Casting for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Augustus Whittlesby

First Impression: Lost in Austen! Usually in any adaptation or Pride and Prejudice inspired movie or miniseries I always fall for Darcy. I mean, it's Darcy, how can you not? But there was something so naively sweet about Tom's portrayal of Bingley that I instantly loved him. If you doubt his awesomeness just watch his face as Amanda sings "Downtown" in a scene sadly cut from the DVD release and hopefully all your fears will be assuaged.

Why they'd be the perfect actor for the Lauren Willig Miniseries: Aside from being totally awesome? Well, as I said before, he can pull of long hair and a flowing shirt. Plus he has an ability to morph into his roles so you might see him in Lost in Austen or Parade's End and think him rather naive, dim, and vacuous, and then you see him in Sleepy Hollow, and wow, depth, intensity. That one scene where he makes the OnStar lady cry? Fabulous.

Lasting Impression: Sleepy Hollow, oh yeah. I had pegged him as the sweet dimwit for so long that to find he had this range, amazing. Almost kept me watching the show when it went into a step downward decline. Almost.

What else you've seen them in: While Tom doesn't have the longest resume in just any one category, he's only been acting for ten years, he has made a name for himself appearing in British mystery staples from Poirot to New Tricks to Lewis. He's been in a few films, such as Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, but it's in miniseries like Parade's End and Lost in Austen where he really shines. And yes, I did actually like him more then Benedict Cumberbatch in Parade's End, if you can believe it! Plus his episode of Lewis, amazing! Like one of the best they ever did, totally memorable! Long live Dorian Crane! Now I kind of want to go watch that episode. Also look at the more modern flowing shirt!

Can't believe it's them: Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Really Tom!?! Yes, yes, I know lots of good actors were on this series, and yes, I can shamefully say that I know this because I watched all four seasons. But still? At least you were in the first episode, before it got really into the tacky.

Wish they hadn't: A Waste of Shame. I mean, yes, it was only his second job, but still... I don't care that it's a who's who of amazing talent from Tom Hiddleston to Nicholas Rowe, it was a boring look into Shakespeare's sonnets. It was really just "a waste."

Bio: Tom was born in England, obviously because of that drool-worthy accent. Instead of what would be his time spent in a typical high school stateside he went to Hurtwood House which specializes in drama and music. He then went on to Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Acting where he won a trust award named after Sir John Gielgud! The teachers there advised him that he should go for period pieces, and I can not disagree on their recommendation! When he left school he found steady work in theatre which he still loves and goes back to nearly every year. In fact, when does Tom have a spare minute? He's balancing stage, film, television, and even radio, having 35 credits in only ten years! But it was with Sleepy Hollow that his fame really rocketed into the stratosphere creating a huge fandom. And despite his saying "I can't be described as a sex symbol; I think it's ridiculous." Ridiculous or no, it's now a fact of life you're going to have to adjust to Tom. Also, please come to Wizard World Chicago, I will discreetly fangirl all over you.


This is a spot-on casting! More Tom Mison!! He is REALLY good at pulling off facial hair.

Mmm, yes. More Tom everywhere! I swear, if he comes to Wizard World Chicago, that should be our joint birthday celebration!

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