Friday, August 22, 2014

That Summer Read Along Discussion *TODAY*

Today is the day! Today all the discussion questions I have toiled and fretted over shall be actually discussed! But more importantly all these burning questions I have will be talked about amongst you, my fellow readers! I'm so excited it's like a book lover's Christmas! So come join me over on the That Summer Read Along Event on Facebook, I will be there all day, meaning, ungodly early for me because my night and day are somewhat reversed to other peoples... but that doesn't matter when there's a book to discuss! Also, it makes it even more like Christmas when you'd wake your parents up before there was even a sun in the sky. So I shall be a gracious hostess and try not to fall asleep on my keyboard... as if I could!


This is going to be so much fun! Looking forward to finding out what your questions are! And learning some fun facts along the way, as I am sure you will throw some in there!

Oh, and thanks for getting up early for this! :)

I'd do anything for Lauren and books! Oh, it's going to be fun (I say as I steeple my fingers together and laugh slightly evily)...

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