Sunday, December 16, 2012

Silent Night Read-A-Thon

Dickens aside, now that school is over for the semester (well, almost, but in essence, over), and I'm through the worst of the con plague (I swear, going to the moon at Teslacon was riskier and more fun than I thought), it's time to get in some good solid reading. So in other words, Svea's little read-a-thon came at just the right time... so, let's so how many books I can cram in before Christmas! I feel it my duty to make my goal of 115 books this year, that leaves me 9 more books to read this year... I wonder how many I'll do this week...

So far, in day one I read Fables Volume 11 War and Pieces, which is part of my massive Fables read I'm planning (for those who don't know Fables it's a series of Graphic Novels where Fairy Tales are real and live secretly amongst us and it's pretty frakin' awesome.) After that I started the second book in Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, Days of Blood and Starlight, after finishing the first book the day before and needing the second immediately. Well today I have book club, so sadly talking about books will cut into some of my reading books time... but so worth it!


Oh wow, 115?! That's amazing, I am still trying to reach my goal of 52, lol. I hope you have been able to get some reading done over the weekend, and are feeling better too. Have a great week!

And thank you for joining the Silent Night Read-a-thon :)

It was a lot of fun Svea! Only got 4 books read, but now I'm only one away from my 115 goal!

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