Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Review - Amanda Palmer's Evelyn Evelyn

Evelyn Evelyn by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley
Published by: Dark Horse
Digital Edition Provided by Dark Horse
Publication Date: October 18th, 2011
Format: Hardcover, 144 Pages
Rating: ★★★
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Evelyn Evelyn tells the story of conjoined twins who are very swiftly and violently orphaned and have to find there way through the seedier aspects of the world from circuses to the porn industry till they find some connection to others through the internet. When I saw that Amanda Palmer had a book out I really wanted to read it. This is, after all the missus of Neil Gaiman. I wish going in that I had known more about the evolution of these two characters confined to one body before diving into the book. I felt lost and at times and didn't pick up references, mainly because there is a world of Evelyn Evelyn outside the book. Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley perform as the conjoined twins, most recently at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. So all the references to songs that went over my head... well they're out there. I still enjoyed the bleak darker aspects of their world, but felt that the old world freak show aspects made the book more a period piece unto which the modern was thrust. Sideshow acts and Facebook seem of too vastly different worlds. I leave you with something that would have made my reading of the book far more enjoyable:


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