Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dutton, I Love You!

Look at the wonders that awaited me when I heard the doorbell yesterday! Luckily the UPS man had already scurried back to his truck, otherwise he may have been hugged. I have been anxiously waiting the new Lauren Willig book (insert montage of anxiety, looking longingly out windows, jumping when I hear the doorbell, biting of nails, etc etc.). So sorry homework, sorry school, sorry friends, you will not see me again, I am disappearing between the leaves of this book and not emerging again till you hear a satisfied sigh at the conclusion of my reading frenzy. Also, getting this book is so full of win (my expression doesn't capture it, because there's only so many times you can try to get the reflection from your computer off your glasses using photobooth before you start to get tetchy)... back to, this is so full of win, that it deserves two thumbs up... but in order to do this I'd need three arms, like this:

Also, thanks for Lauren for pointing out this little snaffu long ago, it never gets old! She has three arms!


Two things: First, I am insanely jealous that you have the new Lauren Willig. Second, that cover image with three arms is amazing and hilarious all at the same time. Love it. I almost want to write a new story to go with it.

LOL! Should we make her a mutant or alien?

Definitely alien. I'm thinking bad 80s movie alien though, like My Step-mother is an Alien...

Oh, if we could just go back in time and get the cast from My Step-Mother is an Alien... espcially the young Seth Green and Dan Akroyd!

Can't go wrong with Jon Lovitz and Kim Basinger either...she almost looks like a three-armed Kim Basinger!

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