Sunday, January 2, 2011

Valley of the Kings Reading Challenge

I have always loved Egypt. That fertile crescent of loveliness that has inspired countless writers. I have also wanted to host a reading challenge for quite awhile now. I thought that bringing them together in perfect harmony would be a wonderful event to host on my blog in this coming year. From Agatha Christie to Elizabeth Peters, R.L. LaFevers to Michelle Moran, there are just so many authors enthralled by the land of sand and pyramids. Great leaders from Cesar to Napoleon were held in this lands thrall. Cats were worshiped as gods, as they rightly should be, and when you look at how long our modern history has lasted, it pales to the dynasties of Egypt. So who's up for a little reading challenge eh?

(1) Timeline: January 1st, 2011 to December 31st, 2011

(2) Post about this challenge on your blog stating that you are participating. That post is the link that you will include in the Mr. Linky below. The link should be the post link not just your blog link. But you don't have to have a blog to participate! You can be like a guest blogger here and I'll post your review.

(3) Grab the button and display it in the post (use grab code underneath the button) or on your sidebar so others can join in the fun.

(4) You don't have to select your books ahead of time, you can just add them as you go. The books you choose can crossover into other challenges you are participating in.

(5) You can join anytime between now and the later part of next year.

(6) Only print books and ebooks count (no audiobooks).

(7) The book doesn't HAVE to be set in Egypt, but has to be significantly about Egypt. For example, the 2nd and 3rd Theodosia books by R.L. LaFevers aren't set in Egypt, but they're all up in the artifacts and mummies.

(8) Choose from one of the five levels:

Hawk Horizon: 1-5 books.
Ibis Incline: 6-10 books.
Jackal Jetty: 11-15 books.
Feline Flats: 16-20 books.

(9) I will have a page dedicated to you, so you can link up your reviews!

(10) At the end of the year I will  pick a participate to win a prize. Could be random, could be most books read, could be best review... we'll just have to see how I feel when the time comes.


Ooh, I do need to read Crocodile on the Sandbank... O_o

I'll look through what I have, and post then, but I'm in. :)

Oh, sweet! You'll love Crocodile in the Sandbank, it started a very big Amelia Peabody addiction for me.

I love Michelle Moran's books! This is so very tempting... I really think I must join :) I will be back with a post link!

woohoo, I'm in! I have several Amelia Peabody books to catch up on, and I think I own three of Michelle Moran's books to read :)

Yeah Svea! Also prompt work on the post Allison, so great to have you along for the ride... or should I say camel trek?

Great idea for a challenge! I can't believe more people haven't signed up.

Did you know that there is a challenge blog run by Wendy at caribousmom and Teddy at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time? It's called A Novel Challenge and they help get the word out about reading challenges around the blogosphere. Here's the link to the blog:

Check the left sidebar for the link to post the link to your challenge.

Thanks for hosting this awesome challenge!

Why thank you for joing Michelle, you book addict you, and thanks for the info, I'm going to go check that out!

This looks great. I've got a whole stack of books either set in Egypt or about Egypt (I'm counting non-fiction towards this challenge personally, as I want to read the Stacy Schiff book on Cleopatra).

Egypt is Egypt! Fiction or non. Thanks for joining, can't wait to see what you read!

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