Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh Dutton How I Love Thee!

Oh Dutton, you do spoil me and my blog readers. Look at all the lovely Spy Swag I have which I'm going to share with you, my loyal readers when I announce my Pretty in Pink Giveaway next week! Until then, I think I will praise the greatness of Lauren Willig and Dutton in a warped but traditional Christmas sing-song.

Twelve Days of Christmas,
Eleven Spies a Plotting,
Ten Christmas Ornaments,
Nine Stops for Signings,
Eight Books in Series,
Seven Days to Publication,
Six Pokes by Parasol,
Five Scary Dowagers,
Four Longing Glances,
Three Months till Next Book,
Two Destined People,
And an Orchid Affair ARC! 


Yippee! How wonderful, it's like Christmas in October :)

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