Monday, July 19, 2010

The Huge TBR Readathon Mac 2

My friend Kristen over at Bookworming in the 21st Century is having yetanother huge readathon starting today and going through till Friday. Seeing as I had so much fun the first time around, I can't say no now can I? So here's to reading and here's to beating my last goal!

When: Monday July 19th until Friday, July 25th!
Where: Here! Or on your own blog.
What do I have to do? Read, read read. Kristen's designating Friday as her Review-a-thon. Join her on Friday in reviewing all the great books you've read or ones that are in your backlog.


OMG girl! I had no idea she was having a read-a-thon this week! I know a lot of blogs I follow are followers of her so I wonder why no one mentioned it...except you, of course. I guess it's not too late to get in on it! I have so many TBR review books...and I've been in the hospital this month and now recuperating at I feel like I'm drowning! Anyway, thanks for the heads up and enjoy the read-a-thon. I'll keep up with your progress. I guess it's time I followed Bookworming in the 21st century! Here I go. =O)

Yay! You gave me a new follower! lol. And big yay for joining me. I really need to knock out some serious review books this week!

Oh man, this is coming at the perfect time! I have so many books I want to get through. Thanks for posting about this!

All in a days work Kristen! And it's never to late to start Michelle, never! Yeah for books Emily!

Well I have never participated in a readthon, but what the heck. I have the time and a pile of books waiting to be read. Guess this will be my first. Do you mind if I link your post to my blog? I want to give you full credit for my participation.

Link and read away!

Also, for those interested, I will be posting reviews of books I read in the last round of the TBR Readathon!

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