Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hugh Bonneville, You've Made My Day!

Hugh Bonneville is that most perfect of British actors, whatever he is in he is bound to be perfect. From the bumbling broker in Notting Hill to the duplicitous Grandcourt in Daniel Deronda, he is divine. Also let us not forget he did appear in the series finale of Vicar of Dibley, trying to woo Geraldine away from Richard Armitage. But his best work has been with Andrew Davies (if we are willing to ignore Richard Curtis for awhile, which everyone should every now and then, he sometimes gets a bit too preachy, Girl in the Cafe...hello!) Though I also want to omit the Davies Doctor Zhivago from this list, he was in it for five minutes and as Bill Paterson, one of the fellow stars said, Zhivago should not have been redone. So back on track I await with baited breath the arrival of that most anticipated of DVDs, Hugh Bonneville staring in the Andrew Davies adaptation of Diary of a Nobody! Exciting news indeed, especially if, like me, you've been waiting since 2007 to see it. My copy is already on it's way from Acorn Media (I was willing to pay the extra $10 so I didn't have to wait till August) so the review should be forthcoming. Until then, check out his website to get some other fabulous watching in! Also look for him later this year staring with David Tennant in Glorious 39 by Stephen Poliakoff.


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