Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ode to Ken Marino

Watching "Reaper" tonight I knew it was going to be a good episode just by Ken Marino's name in the opening credits. While fans of the show know him as Tony, the demon life partner of the sadly dead Steve (Michael Ian Black) he's actually been making tv that little bit better for some time (getting Cordelia knocked up with demon spawn on "Angel," "Charmed" - but don't hold that against him, I'm sure he has to eat, and of course Vinnie Van Lowe, now sheriff on "Veronica Mars"). Ken is completely underrated, able to make small roles memorable, and add that little bit of funny every show needs. But don't assume he's just the comic relief, oh no, he does a perfect balancing act of humor and tragedy so well. On "Party Down," he plays Ron Donald, the manager of a group of misfits working at Party Down catering, trying to save up to fulfill his dream of opening a Super Crackers. He brings poignancy to a character that could be totally boring and one dimensional but you feel for him, even as he vomits at the feet of his high school crush at his 20th reunion, where he chose to work, versus attend, because he wanted to show everyone how far he'd come. So my recommendation to you is keep your eye out for Ken (that lovely Ron Donald haircut and all), he's been around for awhile, and I think with his added exposure from "Party Down" (see the Sin Say Shun Awards After Party episode) he might finally be getting the respect he deserves!


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